Terri A. Groh, Author


      Encouragement for Today's Woman

Encouragement for Today's Woman

At times, I feel like a Jack of all trades.  I write, I'm in full-time ministry, I sew and craft, and I make just about everything we eat and use in our home.  It's certainly been an adventurous life and I can say that I am never bored.

My husband, Dan, is the pastor of New Haven Community Alliance Church in New Haven.  We are both active in the community and church.  I also serve as the assistant director for our denomination's district women's group, Great Commission Women. Dan & I have been married for 27 years and have three wonderful children. 

Not only do I love to craft and sew but I also love to write.  I have enjoyed books since I was a child and always wanted to write a book.  As a woman in ministry, I also found that one of my gifts is encouraging other woman, especially through my writing. So I ended up combining those two passions and ended up writing three devotional books.  You can find them by clicking on the tab above or looking on Amazon.com.  I also write a daily blog and you can read that by clicking on the link above.  

I never want people to think that I have it all together.  I'm just like you.  I struggle to follow God.  I mess up every single day and have to ask for forgiveness each day.  My writings reflect issues that I'm struggling with or truths that God has revealed to me as I walk through the hard times.  So as I write, I don't necessarily have another person in mind.  It's usually things I am wrestling with. 

I hope my blog and books encourage you. Join me as we walk and try to follow Jesus together.